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MARVO KM400 LED Backlit Wired Keyboard and Mouse Combo




1. 6D wired optical gaming mouse;
2. USB port, PVC wire;
3. 7 color lights cycling in breathing mode;
4. DPI: 800/1200/1600/2400;
5. Stroke Life: 3 million times;
6. Rated Voltage: 5V;
7. Rated Current: 100mA;
8. Cable Length: 1.5m;
9. Weight: 110g±10g

1. 3-color lightings both on backlight and typeface;
2. Keys: 114, Anti-ghosting: 19 keys roll over support;
3. Pressure: 50±15g;
4. Key Route: 3.6±0.3mm;
5. Stroke Life: 5 million times;
6. Rated Current: 200mA MAX;
7. Rated Voltage: 5V;
8. Cable Length: 1.5m


  •   *BACKLIT KEYBOARD*:LED backlit keyboard key with red/blue/purple/breathing color mode.Press"FN"+"SL""PS""PB"key to change color mode;
  •   *MULTIMEDIA KEYBOARD KEY*:10 multi-media keys combination; Lite version interface design;Support ergonomic human engineering;Waterproof designwith super drain hole;
  •   *USB WIRED GAMING KEYBOARD PARAMETERS*:support Win7/Win8/Win10/XP/Vista etc system;10 million times keyboard life;
  • *GAMING MOUSE--DPI BUTTON(color change button) *:800/1200/1600/2400 match red/green/blue/purple/white/orange backlit mouse color; support all system.
  • *MARVO WARRANTY FOR USB BACKLIT KEYBOARD AND MOUSE COMBO*:As keyboards are consumable, a 6-month worry-free exchange for any quality problems is provided, mouse is a 3-month,incorrect or violent using not to be covered.
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