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Excelvan 3D VR BOX Adjustable Focal Length & Object Distance 3D

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Excelvan 3D VR BOX Adjustable Focal Length & Object Distance 3D Movies Games VR Headset for 4.0"-6.0" Smartphone


1. Be suitable for 4.0inch to 6.0inch smartphone.

2.  VR resource must be split screen format.



This VR Glasses is a great gear and extending device for movie lovers and game lovers. It’s easy to put your smart phone in it, and it’s convenient to operate and use. It enables you to watch 3D movies and view 3D pictures with your smartphone, or enjoy the ultimate experience from the virtual reality games. Adjustable object length and focus distance, it can be satified with many different people. Come on, and take it for you and your friends!


Main Features:

1. Adjustable Headband.

You can wear it confortably.

2. Adjustable Focal length & Object distance.

Focal length adjustable range: 55-69mm.

Object distance adjustable range: 10mm

3. FOV 90°

Large screen, better feeling.

4. IMAX  screen

 3D movies with VR glasses, it enables you enjoy a private super screen, like IMAX.

5. Immersive game

Game players control the game by turning the head, feels like walking in the virtual world. Completely immerse in the game.

6. 360° videos

Wearing the Excelvan VR glasses, you will go to a wonder world.

7. Perfect suitable for myopia

Myopia users under 600° do not need to wear their glasses, they can  use the VR glasses directly to enjoy the movies and games.

8. Cool design

The ventilation holes on the front board is very useful of phone cooling for long use. And you can also use the earphone at the same time throug the holes on the both side.



Product Description
Brand Excelvan
Model GBS-V3
Suitable size 4.0''-6.0''
Lens material Resins
Lens Aspheric optical lens design
Lens size

4.2 cm (diameter)

Magnification 1.5-2times
FOV 90°
Virtual screen 1050inch (at 3meters)
Games Special Gamepad control and provide 3D software 
Media player Support 3D video playback
Material ABS
Object distance Adjustable(from front to back 10mm)
Focal length Adjustable(55-69mm)

1x VR Glasses with headband

1x Lens cloth

1x User Manual


Base Stations: No
FOV: 120
3D Glasses Type: Shutter
Gesture Recognition: No
Controllers: No
Compatible Device: No
Sensor Type: HDMI output interface
Viewing Experience: Immersive
Set Type: Glasses Only
Display Number: Single
Type: Binocular
Brand Name: EXCELVAN
Real-time Map Construction: No
Package: Yes
Model Number: 3D VR Glasses
Ports: no
Wireless network Type: no
Bundle: Bundle 1
All-in-one Virtual Reality Glasses: Yes
Camera: No
Glasses Type: 3D Glasses

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