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Excelvan Car Kit Bluetooth FM Transmitter Car MP3 Audio Player Wireless FM

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Car Kit Bluetooth FM Transmitter Car MP3 Audio Player Wireless FM Modulator LCD Display Dual USB Charger for iPhone Samsung

Product Introduction

This product is Bluetooth car charger MP3 Player for vehicles. Adapting professional-grade high-performance Bluetooth module, built-in MP3/WMA decoder chip make it capable of playing the music files in U disk, firing into the car stereo via wireless. Besides, during the Bluetooth connecting, play the phone,s music and FM transmitted to Car Audio, perfect, as the calls incoming automatically switches to the speaker state,call end then automatically back the music player. So you do not do any modifications, easily enjoying the music and hands-free phone calls while you are driving.


1) Adjustable to any angles, applicable to most types of vehicles.

2) Support Line audio input.

3) Support hands-free function.

4) Bluetooth stereo music play.

5) Digital Display.

6) Support MP3,WMA format music.

7) Echo cancellation and noise suppression technology during a call.

8) Support U Disk Player(Only with “USB” interface support)

9) Dual USB output, the maximum output 5V,2A.

10) Automatic power-off memory function.

Technical Parameters


Bluetooth Car Charger BC-06

Rated operating voltage


Working voltage limits


USB Output


Working Temperature


Support Play format






Frequency Response

20Hz -15KHz

Left and Right channel separation


BT Version

Version 2.0

Bluetooth sound processing

A2DP(Advance Audio Distribution)

Bluetooth transmission distance


FM transmission frequency

87.5 ~ 108MHz



1. This product is dual USB output (Two interfaces total current : 2A).

2. Insert U Disk,only the one USB port support (With “USB”).

3. Line and insert U disk and Bluetooth turned on, then boot priority Bluetooth connection; When the Bluetooth connection on and then insert U disk/Line, the latter takes precedence.

4. When the machine in FM transmitter, volume will not be to too big in order to avoid sound distortion, adjust the volume using the car stereo adjustments.

5. The machine FM transmitter built-in antenna, while also should try to avoid using strong local radio  frequency signals to get better sound quality.

6. Due to various differences in the phone itself, the method used in the Bluetooth may be different in practice.

7. In the player again after power off, and some mobile phones may not automatically connect function, so need to use a manual connection again.

8. Although this product is compatible with more than 95% of the current market major brands mobile phones, but there are still some phone are not compatible, in the purchase process please note.

9. Do not use this product in a particularly high or low temperatures and dusty, humid environment.

10. Do not let the product fall for avoiding surface and body damage.

11. Support BT background running, as playing the U disk music, the phone will give voice tips, and automatically switch to BT mode.

Packing Accessories

1* Bluetooth Car Charger

1* Operation Manual

1* Audio cable

Item Type: FM Transmitters

Special Features: Bluetooth, FM Transmitter, MP3 Player, Hands-free Calls
Model Name: Car MP3 Player
Out Power: 5V / 2A
Voltage: 12V
Brand Name: Excelvan
Item Weight: 60g
Material Type: ABS
Item Size: 11.5x2.5x2cm / 4.52x0.98x0.79inches
Music Source: Cellphone, Flash drive
Transmit Distance: 10 - 15m
Media Format : MP3, WMA
Bluetooth Version: 2.0
Frequency Response: 20Hz - 15Khz
Degree of Distortion (%): < 0.1%

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