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14 Essentials for Your Next Solo Road Trip

Buying Guide: 14 Essentials for Your Next Solo Road Trip

ROAD TRIP! VEGAS or bust! Austin, here we come! Miami’s never going to know what hit ’em!

Well, that’s one kind of road trip. And that kind of road trip is a lot of fun. But then there’s the other kind of road trip—the kind you do all on your own. Maybe you have to move somewhere far away, or you need to deliver something across state lines, or you just can’t take one… more… day in the city. The solo road trip can be a lot of fun, too. But it can also be horrible. Cosmically horrible. Horrible as in, “I just want to turn around and go home but that’s so far away, now, too.” So here are a bunch of things you might consider taking on your next solo road trip to make it just a little less of a non-stop grind.

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